GPS Computer

Breaking Through Limitations

The aesthetic design has made SHANREN® Discovery one of most stylish GPS bike computer in the world. Revolutionary detachable headlight, multi-dimension data presentation and high accuracy GPS all together brings the coolest riding experience.


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Make Your Handlebar Organized

Discovery continues to present the core value of Shanren innovation. A combination of bike computer and bike lights in one single device helps save your handlebar space and make it well-organized.

Unique Detachable Headlight System

Revolutionary detachable headlight with scientific beam pattern (full beam & lowered beam) design creates a safer night ride, as well as an ever-wonderful cycling experience. Reliable even on vibrate off-road trails.

Up to 96-hour Battery Life

Reach Your Destination

With only 2-hour full charge, Discovery can provide you with 96-hour GPS tracking endurance. Your wiser choice for longer cycle journey.


  • Other computers

  • Mobile phone

Smarter Warning Light System

A safety breathing light as well as a unique speed warning light which helps recognize your performance in a smarter way. Enjoy this cool pedaling experience with Shanren Sport APP for both day and night rides.

Real-time Direction Indication. Never Get Lost

Thanks to the geomagnetic e-compass for real-time direction instructions, you will never get lost in the wild where the GPS signal is weak.

High-Accuracy Barometric Altimeter for Climbing Data

Discovery provides real-time climbing data recording with the integrated barometric altimeter.

The most common-use gradient calculating method:

(Difference of elevation/Horizontal distance) x100%

Geomagnetic Speed and Cadence Sensors

The wireless and magnet-less speed and cadence sensors provide all you need for cycling data. Accurate even under vibrate condition, thanks to the geomagnetic induction technology. Support stand-alone connection with Shanren Sport APP.

Support Multiple Devices Connection

Discovery applies standard BLE communication protocol, support Bluetooth speed sensor, cadence sensor and heart rate sensor connection simultaneously.

Make Training Easier

Connect Discovery with Shanren Sport APP to download cycling tracks and data, get specific data analysis.

70 Functions

  • Speed
  • Cadence
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • LED Light
  • Altitude
  • Slope
  • Waming Light
  • Compass
  • Clock
  • Heart Rate
  • GPS Tracking
  • Positioning
  • APP Support
  • LCD Backlight
  • Auto Wakeup
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Statistics
  • Data Storage
  • Data Upload

Record. Share. Make progress

For every ride, users can upload data and tracks to Strava. Never lose every chance of sharing riding achievement and joy.


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Communication: Bluetooth Smart wireless
Light brightness: 260lm
Display: Speed / Distance / Riding time / Altitude / Slope / Clock
Optional: Cadence / Heart Rate
Battery: 2800mAh Lithium Polymer
Trip Storage: 410,000KM
Computer working hours: 96 hours
Lighting mode: High/Low
Light working hours: 3hrs/6hrs
Charging time: 2 hours
Weight: 135g (with headlight)
Waterproof: IP65