Shanren Sport Privacy agreement

Shanren Technology Co., Ltd. ("Shanren") is the actual developer and operator of Shanren Sport App("Shanren Sport").

Shanren Sport is an app for cycling and heart rate training. It can connect and manage smart hardware (such as Discovery Pro, speed sensor, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor and smart tail light) by Bluetooth. It can also use the GPS signal of the mobile phone to record the riding speed and mileage. Shanren Sport can also analyze data received from the equipment mentioned above.


1. Overview

It is the basic principle of Shanren Sport to respect the user’s privacy and protect personal information. Shanren Technology will fully protect users' personal privacy information via both technical means and competent management. With the exception of reasons such as the requirements of laws or government departments with legal authority or the explicit authorization of users in advance, Shanren Sport guarantees not to disclose or disclose users' personal privacy information to third parties, or non-public contents stored by users when using the service. At the same time, in order to operate and improve the technology and services of Shanren Sport, Shanren Sport may collect and use or provide users' non-personal privacy information to third parties, which will help Shanren Sport to provide users with better user experience and service. Below, we will describe the privacy policy and strategy of Shanren Sport in detail, please read it carefully.


2. The user agreement

By submitting personal information through the Shanren Sport App or related websites, you agree to this privacy policy and expressly agree to the processing of your personal information in accordance with these terms. Our processing of your personal information may be carried out in the country where the information is collected, or in other countries, but in both cases, we will strictly abide by the local laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal information in the information processing country.


3. The way of obtaining information

We will obtain information in the following ways:

3.1 We obtain the relevant information that users fill in when they register for a new account.

3.2 We obtain relevant information when users register/log in through third-party social networks.

3.3 We obtain the recorded data generated when users use the Shanren Spors service by accessing mobile devices or personal computers.


4. Classification of information

4.1 Personal information

When a user registers, they will be asked to fill in relevant information as the user's "personal information" in the Shanren Sport. When a user registers and logs in to Shanren Sport through a third-party social network, we will obtain relevant information (if any) available through the social network as the user's "personal information" for Shanren Sport. "Personal information" includes but is not limited to:

(1) email

(2) nickname

(3) age

(4) sex

(5) height

(6) weight

(7) profile picture

(8) geographic location information

(9) public information of social account

4.2 Non-personal information

We may also obtain "non-personal information" of users. "Non-personal information" refers to user information that is not personally identifiable, including:

(1) User equipment information

(2) Operating system

(3) Preference settings

(4) Usage habits

(5) Usage records(Log, Cookies)

(6) Network details

(7) Other non-personal information

4.3 User feedback

If you provide us with feedback on Shanren Sport, for your personal information contained in the feedback, we will also keep it confidential in accordance with the provisions of this clause, and we will also use the feedback information to better improve our products and services .


5. Use of information

We use the information obtained in the following aspects:

5.1 Complete the user registration account

We complete the registration of a new account by obtaining the personal information provided by the user that meets the needs of Shanren Sport account registration. By registering an account, users can log in, use and share the services of Shanren Sport.

5.2 Account security service

We will provide users with account security services by email. When the user forgets, loses, or fails to log in to the Shanren Sport, he can reset his password and retrieve his account in this way.

5.3 Share the content

The user's personal information and the content created by the user in Shanren Sport can be shared with third-party applications according to the user's wishes.

5.4 Service promotion and improvement

We can use the collected non-personal privacy information to analyze user habits and software experience, as a basis for software improvement and service enhancement.


6. User information preservation and privacy protection

Shanren Technology attaches great importance to user privacy and data security. We will use advanced and secure data communication methods as a guarantee, and properly store user information on the cloud server with key information being strictly encrypted. All user data will be prohibited from being accessed and modified by anyone other than the user.


7. Changes to privacy policy

In accordance with the update of national laws and regulations and the needs of product operation, we have the right to modify these terms. Once the revised privacy terms are published, they will become effective and replace the original privacy terms. You can log in at any time to view the latest privacy terms. If you do not agree to the updated privacy terms, you should immediately stop accepting the services provided by Shanren Sport. If you continue to use the services provided by Shanren Sport, you will be deemed to agree to the updated privacy terms. We recommend that you read this privacy policy before using Shanren Sport. If any one of these clauses shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the applicability or validity of any other clause in the statement.

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