Bar Fly


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Best view guarantee

Place the bike computer in the centre of the bracket for a clear and unobstructed view of the screen.

Fine craftsmanship

Click is built to last — and it’s strong enough to securely hold your bike computer in place even through the bumpiest of rides. With spray coating technology, the bracket has been made to withstand a variety of elements as well as moisture and abrasion.

Minimalistic and low maintenance

With no add-ons and no extras, Click was built to do one thing — and it does it perfectly. The bracket’s design is simple and to the point, with only the essential elements used in its making. Click is reliable, practical and very easy-to-use.


Structuralism highly reliable and practical, simple and less spare parts are needed.

Fine Craft

Underwent spray coating technology processing,

appears has the sense reality coating repels and

moisture abrasion resistant.

Prevent Bump

Match the most of handlebar, tested to the utmost.


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Profuct Name: CLICK
Model: SR-BM10
Weight: 55g
Size: 103 x 72 x 50mm
Handle Bar Size: 25.4/31.8mm
Accessories: Rubber Mat x8 Hex Key x1