Built for the Ride

Go further and faster with Miles, a smart GPS bike computer. Miles delivers professional features and metrics in a compact and easy to use format no complicated setup or expensive equipment needed.

Miles-Built for the Ride

Go further and faster with Miles, a smart GPS bike computer. Miles delivers professional features and metrics in a compact and easy to use format no complicated setup or expensive equipment needed.

World's First "Power Estimation"

Did you know that you can now get a consistent power reading WITHOUT a dedicated power meter? Miles delivers accurate power data and valuable insights into your cycling training thanks to its innovative Power Estimation Feature. Get all the benefits of a planned and structured training session without investing in costly gear.

Power Meter Metrics

Miles is compatible with power meters that display power and receive data via ANT+. When a power meter is paired with Miles, you will see the power metrics on the power meter displays.

Smart Bike Tail Light Control

Miles works with Shanren’s best-selling smart tail light Raz Pro, designed for safe solo rides and exceptional group cycling experience. The LEDs on Miles light up in perfect sync with the Raz Pro: using the same color mode and signaling when you break. Plus, with Miles you get to easily control your Raz Pro light right from your handlebar. The light will keep you fully visible when riding in dark tunnels or on poorly lit roads and can be used in unison with other Raz Pro lights.

Customizable Display

Miles offers limited customize screen,you could change some of data in LCD display via shanren Sport App.This means you get to choose what data you see on your screen: cadence, speed, distance, laps, etc. It’s your choice.

Designed for Performance

Miles tracks your speed, distance, time, elevation, slope ,laps, time, calories, temperature, heart rate and estimates cycling power. It has a built-in barometric altimeter for accurate elevation readings and all the functionality you might need for planning and evaluating your cycling sessions.

High-Precision GPS

Plan and track your bike rides with Miles. See the distance you’ve covered, the speed you were going at and lay out your next cycling itinerary with the high-precision GPS chip.

Lap Timer

The lap button allows information relevant to the lap to be summarized and displayed on the screen, you simply hit the 'Lap' button to create a lap marker

Bluetooth & USB data transfer

Compatibility with ANT+ and Bluetooth make transferring data a breeze.

25 Hours Without Charging

You’ll also get a lot of energy out of Miles before you’ll have to plug it in. Its rechargeable battery will give you 25 whole hours of computing power.

Miles comes with a Twist & Lock mount

In-Depth Analysis

Use it with the Shanren Sports App

The Shanren Sports App brings all Shanren products together with an intuitive and interactive interface: share data between devices, get updates, analyze progress, plan your cycling trips and more.

Heart Rate training

Miles offers the professional heart rate record and analysis

Like real time HR zone,Resting Heart Rate,ECG displaying and recording if you works with Shanren Beat 20 heart rate monitor.24 Hour HR same works with Beat20 which offers the full day heart rate tracking and recording. You could also turn on the Voice reporting and it’s tells your real-time data in distance or the range of time.

Share your data on Strava

Import historical data from the Shanren Sport and upload to Strava®. Share your latest trip in just a few clicks.

Compatibility +

Miles is super compatible. Believe it or not, there are very few bike computers which supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth connection. Miles is available with such hybrid compatibility, no matter you need to connect it with an ANT+ or BLE sensor.

Optimized Aerodynamic Design

Clean, small and lightweight. Miles’ beauty is in its simplicity. We’ve kept only the essentials to make sure Miles easily fits onto a crack arm of any size and can attach to the hub of the front or rear wheel of any bike.

Clear Visuals

Miles comes with a durable 2.1 inch display with an adjustable backlight for clear data readings in both daylight and nighttime.


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Name:Miles GPS Bike Computer
Communication: Bluetooth & ANT+
Backlight: LED Backlight
Features: GPS Tracking/Power Estimation/Support Power Meter/Trip Storage/Taillight Control/USB Data Transsfer
Display:Bicycle type/Speed/Cadence/Heart Rate/Power/Distance/Riding Time/Elevation/Slope/Lap Timer/Temperature/Clock
Size: 73*52*20mm
Working Time: 25 hours
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Screen Size: 2.1 inch
Waterproof: IP67
Weight: 65g