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Shanren Sport Android App Update History

 APP Version: V3.2.1.0
Update Date: 2024.01.23
Platform: Website
1. Optimized various known bugs.


 APP Version: V3.1.3.0
Update Date: 2023.12.01
Platform: Website
1. Added Japanese language support.
2. Adjusted the homepage firmware support entry.
3. Optimized various known bugs. 


 APP Version: V3.1.2.0
Update Date: 2023.08.29
Platform: Website
1. Support Andriod 13 system;
2. Modify BEAT 10/BEAT 15 Heart Rate Training.


 APP Version: V3.0.0.0
Update Date: 2023.07.31
Platform: Website
1. Homepage interface redesign;
2. Device management page redesign;
3. SC20 settings page optimization;
4. Fix automatic download issue;
5. Optimize other known bugs.


APP Version: V2.6.7.9
Update Date: 2023.02.02
Platform: Website
1. Support MAX 30 device management;
2. Increase sharing of customized pictures.


APP Version: V2.6.7.8
Update Date: 2022.09.05
Platform: Website
1. Solve user login exceptions.;
2. Solve record upload exception.


APP Version: V2.6.7.7
Update Date: 2022.08.30
Platform: Website
1. Unified heart rate 5 zone colors;
2. Fix the problem of unstable automatic device connection;
3. Fix the problem of repeated download of records;
4. Add the function of sharing to facebook.


APP Version: V2.6.7.5
Update Date: 2022.07.19
Platform: Website
1. Optimize Beat 15 vibration alarm settings.


APP Version: V2.6.7.4
Update Date: 2022.06.23
Platform: App Store/Website
1. New homepage interface design;
2. Add account cancellation function;
3.Automatically check for app updates.


APP Version: V2.6.7.3
Update Date: 2022.04.06
Platform: Google play/Website
1. Repair Beat15 heart rate alarm function;
2. Increase the age setting entrance.


APP Version: V2.6.6.9
Update Date: 2022.03.08
Platform: Google play/Website
1. Add Polish and German versions;
2. Fix bugs.


APP Version: V2.6.6.8
Update Date: 2022.01.27
Platform: Google play/Website
1. Optimize the record upload cloud service;
2. Optimize Raz pro software recovery;
3. Optimize multi-language display.


APP Version: V2.6.6.6
Update Date: 2021.12.08
Platform: Google play/Website
1. Add Thai and Swedish versions;
2. Fix bugs. 


APP Version: V2.6.6.3
Update Date: 2021.11.05
Platform: Google play/Website
1. Differentiate Beat10 and Beat20 device connections;
2. Optimize Italian version App;
3. Miles supports indoor riding mode (Miles firmware should be V1.5.6);
4. Release the latest firmware of Miles, V1.5.6.


APP Version: V2.6.6.2
Update Date: 2021.09.27
Platform: Website
1. Fix the inaccuracy of Beat15 heart rate;
2. Upgrade to Android 11 version;
3. Add Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese versions;
4.Miles custom display supports cumulative climb, cadence + power display at the same time; (need to upgrade the firmware to version V1.5.5)
5. Add English description for firmware upgrade;
6. Release Miles firmware V1.5.5.


APP Version: V2.6.6.1
Update Date: 2021.09.09
Platform: Website
Contents: 1.Optimize night mode page display;
2. Feedback page;
3. Support custom heart rate vibration alert value of Beat15;
4. Support steps, distance and Calories for each single record. (Requires to update Beat 15 firmware to V2.0.8).


APP Version: V2.6.6.0
Update Date: 2021.7.29
Platform: Website
Contents: 1. Optimize data summary;
2. Optimize system authorization process; 
3. Support to open Fit. File. 


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