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 Shanren Sport Android App Update History


APP Version: V2.6.6.3
Update Date: 2021.11.05
Platform: Website
1. Differentiate Beat10 and Beat20 device connections; 2. Optimize Italian version App; 3. Miles supports indoor riding mode (Miles firmware should be V1.5.6); 4. Release the latest firmware of Miles, V1.5.6.


 APP Version: V2.6.6.2
Update Date: 2021.09.27
Platform: Website
1. Fix the inaccuracy of Beat15 heart rate; 2. Upgrade to Android 11 version; 3. Add Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese versions; 4.Miles custom display supports cumulative climb, cadence + power display at the same time; (need to upgrade the firmware to version V1.5.5) 5. Add English description for firmware upgrade; 6. Release Miles firmware V1.5.5.


APP Version: V2.6.6.1
Update Date: 2021.09.09
Platform: Website
Contents: 1.Optimize night mode page display. 2. Feedback page. 3. Support custom heart rate vibration alert value of Beat15. 4. Support steps, distance and Calories for each single record. (Requires to update Beat 15 firmware to V2.0.8)

APP Version: V2.6.6.0
Update Date: 2021.7.29
Platform: Website
Contents: 1. Optimize data summary. 2. Optimize system authorization process. 3. Support to open Fit. File.


APP Version: V2.6.5.8 / V2.6.5.9
Update Date: 2021.7.20
Platform: Google play/Website
Contents: 1. Optimize automatic download. 2. Repair annual data statistics.


APP Version: V2.6.5.7
Update Date: 2021.7.12
Platform: Google play/Website
Contents: 1. Optimize the track, fix the offset. 2. Device pairing/unpairing prompt. 3. Message center (Systematic notification, uploaded data). 4. Share can be saved to gallery. 5. Optimize cycling statistics in summary.

APP Version: V2.6.5.6
Update Date: 2021.7.05
Platform: Google play/Website
Contents: 1. Upload Strava automatically. 2. Unpair sensors from Miles via app. 3. Add Buzzer of Miles (On/Off). 4. Optimize Raz pro battery status via app. 5. Optimize Calories for Miles on Strava. 6. Optimize Route for map via app. 7. Optimize Data summary for Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily via app.

APP Version: V2.6.5.3
Update Date: 2021.6.18
Platform: Google play/Website
Contents: 1.Support automatic loop display pages of Miles. 2.Support the satellite mode setting of Miles. 3.Support automatic download track record from Miles. 4.Support the setting of SC20 Speed/Cadence sensor. 5.Support the setting of Beat15 heart rate armband.


APP Version: V2.6.5.1
Update Date: 2021.5.25
Platform: Google play/Website
Contents: Support Miles bike computer.



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