The best GPS bike computers for training, navigation and data

The best GPS bike computers for training, navigation and data

Shanren Miles: most affordable bike computer

Launched on Kickstarter, Shanren's Miles bike computer aims to combine the simplicity of basic speedometer computers with the data of modern GPS units. Its customisable display provides speed, distance, time, elevation, gradient and heart rate – if you're connected to a monitor.

It can be paired with a power meter to give cadence, power and L-R balance or if you don't have a power meter, the Miles will actually display an estimated power metric, that the brands say is consistent and accurate, so you can pretend you've splashed out on the tech.

While it doesn't provide navigation assistance, the Shanren app lets you plan and track rides with the Miles, storing 20,000km of ride data and enabling the all-important sharing of workouts on Strava.

The Miles can also be paired with Shanren's Raz Pro rear light so not only can you control the light from your computer but the LEDs on the computer will light up in sync with the Raz Pro.

Screen size: 2.1in; Battery life: Up to 25 hours; Location: GPS; Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+; Weight: 65g; Other features: Power estimation, taillight control, trip storage

Buy now from AliExpress for £135.13

Buyer's guide to the best bike computers

What to look for when buying a bike computer

Maps and navigation: Most cycling computers will offer some form of on-screen mapping or, at the very least, turn-by-turn navigation. Most will also allow you to preload routes to follow and some will even allow you to renavigate on the fly.

Smart notifications: Smart notifications are when you sync the computer to your mobile phone and receive notifications on the go. Most will send through messages and call alerts allowing you to keep tabs on what's going on without having to reach for your back pocket.

Battery life: If you plan to spend long days in the saddle exploring then you will need to look at options with healthy battery life. Most cycling computers will last up to 18 hours albeit when used conservatively.

Sensor compatibility: This could be an external power meter, heart rate monitor or cadence sensor, either way, you must check the computer's ability to connect to sensors and devices. Some only allow connection to one at a time but most allow multiple connections using ANT+.




10 September 2021


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